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i have $1,500 in which to make a down payment for school. I will be attending S.C.C. and it takes me 2 years to get my degree. After i graduate, i will be working as a Restaurant Manager.
Found out how much loan is and going to take, plus worked on income sheet.
Get caught dumping my college furniture in a natural preserve. Im charged $500 and sentenced to 36 hours of community service.
Your employer covers 90% of your annual premiums
During the year you need to make only 2 doctor visits. One visit was for a sinus infection. The doctor wrote you a perscription for Trimox, it costs $79.89. Your other visit was for a case of pink eye, and the doctore wrote you a prescription for Similasan.
Social Security and Medicare Taxes total up to $2,453.66
Get a apartment in the 85281 area code and i have 1 room mate
Food and groceries, I eat fast food 5 times a week, i also eat once a month at a fancy restaraunt
stocks: i have a Johnson and Johnson stock purchased on June 7th, 1990 with 25 shares, I also have Bank of America stock purchased on June 7th 1990 with 13 shares.
Cash in savings bond, 5 years ago my aunt bought me a savings bond for $250. It had an annual interest rate of 5%. The maturity date has come, and you cash in.

Pick up some extra work, I get a weekend gig selling Mary Kay make-up. You get 15% commission on the products that i sell. This year, i sold $1200 of products
Bought a 97 Camaro for $2995, paid for it in cash. it is all paid off.
Got car insurance from progressive auto insurance for $110 a month or $1320 a year