Events that add debits the total gross income

Charged with Littering!

You get caught dumping your old college furniture in a natural preserve. You're charged $500 and sentenced to 36 hours of community service( this means that you will mis 4 days of work and will loose your wages for those days.)

Income tax rate for Social Security and Medicare:
Part of my income is taken out for social security and medicare.
Social Security is 6.2% so if i make $32,074.00 X .062= $1988.59
Medicare is 1.45% so if i still make $32,074.00 X .0145= $465.07
Put together is $1988.59+$465.07= $2,453.66


Food Expenses:
I spend $160 a month on groceries. I eat fast food 5 times a week, and i eat out at a nice restaurant 1 time a month

6 X 5= $30 X 52= $1560
+ 40 X 12= $480
160 X 12= $1920