The Car:
Make and Model of Car: Chevrolet Camaro
Year: 1997
Price: $2,995

link to car details: link

What state will you be purcasing the car in? Arizona
Sales Tax for that state: 8.3%
Link to verify rate:link

If purchasing out of state:
Approximate distance to drive car to AZ:
Cost in gas (Gas is approx. $2.50/gallon, and your car's gas mileage to calulate how much teh drive will cot you)

Cost of car with sales tax: 2995 X .085= $254.57 + $2995= $3249.57

Purchase Plan:
How will you be paying for the car? Cash
Details: If you are able, you could pay for the entire car up front.
Monthly payments: none, all paid off
First year expenses: $3,249.57

Auto Insurance

Provider: Progressive


Monthly Premium: $110
Documentation of Quoted Rates:

One Year of Payments:
110 X 12= $1320